Alta LS's unique team includes six experienced professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills including venture investing, operational, scientific, clinical and investment banking experience. Team brings well in excess of 100 years of domain experience.

Guy Paul Nohra

Guy Paul Nohra is co-founder of Alta Partners, a leading Venture Capital firm in life sciences, funding over 150 companies in the healthcare/life sciences sector since 1996 through eight Venture Capital funds.

Miquel Valls

Miguel Valls is an established serial entrepreneur and investor in Spain and Silicon Valley and a former investment banker with several successful investments in life science/health-technology companies.

Montserrat Vendrell

Montserrat Vendrell has a background in biomedical research and management of innovation support entities. With a deep knowledge of the life sciences ecosystem in Spain, she has an outstanding network both in the private and public arena.

Scott Moonly

Scott Moonly is experienced in all aspects of life sciences with a truly broad experience spanning academic research, consulting, investment banking, Venture Capital and start-up management.

Jose Mesa

Jose Mesa has broad experience in life sciences venture investments, being one of the pioneers of the sector in Spain. He has led multiple landmark venture rounds and has been on the boards of some of the country’s most promising companies in the life sciences space.

Larry Randall

Established finance veteran in the life sciences Venture finance sector and expertise in public markets. Intimately involved with taking over 20 companies public during the last five years at Alta Partners.